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Thanks everyone for your support during the creation of STMPD, for your wonderful reactions and for your first orders. We have been overwhelmed with all the lovely, funny and encouraging comments, to share just a few:

"How cool are these personalised bracelets! I don't know which one to choose, I'll just take 3" - Barbara, 31, Sydney

"I love the coordinates bracelet, so I can always carry home with me..." - Lisa, 19, Melbourne

"I wanted a tattoo with a name, this is much better as I can take it off when I'm 60 :)" - Lauren, 27, Sydney

"Free Shipping Worldwide, that's awesome service!" - Judith, 35, Amsterdam

We are very proud of this start and are convinced we're on to something here. Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest where we will post our favourite customer designs, cool bracelet combinations and of course the latest on our brand. As always, if you have any questions or feedback for us, let us know through the contact form.



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