HIP HIP HOORAY! STMPDshop 1 year old!

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Our first order was placed exactly 1 year ago! To celebrate this we're offering 30% discount* on your entire order! Use 'HOORAY' at checkout and remember, free shipping worldwide.

Since the launch of STMPDshop I've come across many beautiful designs. These are my favourite bracelets and the stories behind them.

Coordinates Bracelet_Four Girls India 1. Some time ago, 4 girls met in India… Now they share a memory for life! The coordinates on these 4 bracelets remember them of the place where everything started!
Personalised Bracelet_One Of A Kind - Two In The Same 2. Two of a kind – One in the same. What a perfect combination designed this creative mind! A beautiful present for her sister and herself that says it all!
Friendship Bracelets_Midget Triplets 3. The shortest order ever! When you and your best 2 friends are a bit shorter than the rest… Ordered by one of our customers with a great sense of humor!
Personalised Bracelet_Just Love 4. Just love for this combo! Simplicity is the key to the most beautiful designs! The 3 love hearts represent the lovely mom, dad and their beautiful baby girl!
5. The biggest order ever! Who hasn’t joined the girl gang yet? Fashion girls Tash and Elle of the influential TheyAllHateUs kept the hammer going for months to get these cuties to the ever-expanding GIRL GANG worldwide!
Wedding Gift_Bridesmaid_Maid Of Honour_Personalised Bracelet 6. I can’t say ‘I do’ without you! What better way to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids on the best day of your life?!

Now it’s up to you to be unique and design your own STMPDshop bracelet with your own story! Not inspired yet? Check out our ‘Get Inspired’ page , Instagram or Facebook.

Make sure to share a photo & story of your unique STMPDshop bracelet on your Instagram or Facebook and tag @STMPDshop to get noticed!

*Offer valid from 21-Sep to 1-Oct

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Time for a quick cuff bracelet history lesson!

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Women and men throughout the ages and in every corner of the world have worn bracelets. The legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra was wearing decorative cuffs engraved with hieroglyphs. Mayan kings wore them to signify their ranks and heritage. In China people wore cuff bracelets made of jade to protect their bodies and spirits from evil forces. Greek soldiers wore defensive cuffs in battle, made of leather decorated with gold, silver and names of their loved ones. They called them “bracel”, derived from the Latin term "brachium", which simply means arm. Greek women thought it would look good on them as well, so they started wearing smaller versions and the term “bracel-et” was born.

Nowadays there is a huge variety in cuff bracelets, made of a range of materials, big or small and worn alone or stacked. Most of them are mass-produced, not personal and therefore lack the character and meaning the cuff bracelet once had in ancient times.

At STMPD, we're bringing back handmade bracelets that show who you are, what you believe or what motivates you. Every person is unique and that’s exactly why we want YOU to design your bracelet. Once your design is finished, we will stamp the bracelet by hand, letter by letter, symbol by symbol, making each piece unique.

Have a look at our personalised bracelet collection, our coordinates bracelet collection or get inspired by our Lookbook filled with customer pics.

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